We now sell K9 Kravings Frozen dog food & many other healthy treats and supplements

About Us


Amy H

Amy is studying to become a Pet Physical Therapist.  She is currently enrolled at George Mason University.  Prior to college Amy was part of the High School Academy program that introduces many students to careers with animals.  Amy has a great intuition with the dogs and occasional cat.  They happily wag their tails and give her puppy kisses.  Amy started with Aquatic Paws in February 2019.


Lauren H

Lauren contacted me just after I opened for a part time job.  It took almost a year before I could hire her, but Lauren is a Saturday staple and has been with us since March 2018.  Her love of animals and previous skills as a lifeguard for humans has made Lauren the perfect first hire!  The dogs respond to Laurens TLC and belly rubs.


Amy P

Amy brought a rescue dog for the underwater treadmill while still a student at WVU.  She told me she wanted to work at Aquatic Paws.  Amy graduated and started in August 2018.  Amy has been a long time volunteer with the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, even adopting a special needs dachshund who is typically at Aquatic Paws on Wednesdays.  Amy's love of animals shines thru when she is working with the dogs

About Us


Niels G

Niels is our newest team player.  He is a certified veterinary assistant.  He most recently worked at a local doggy day care facility.  His goals are to work with animals who need help with mobility.   


Our goal is fun!  We hope all our pups and occasional kitty look forward to their visits.  We hope they leave tired and happy!